Ryszard Jędrak
In painting, Ryszard Jędrak chose the path of lasting esthetic values.

In painting, Ryszard Jędrak chose the path of lasting esthetic values. He maintained that in the world of shapes and colors one speaks with a paintbrush, not with words. His artistic legacy was thematically diverse: still life, portrait, flowers, particularly architecture painted by using various techniques such as oil, tempera, gouache, watercolor, pastel, and even his own techniques, which showed his great skill and extensive knowledge of fine arts. Passion, joy and the desire to create emanate from Ryszard Jędrak’s works.

Starting in 1970 he conducted intensive studies of the architectural landscape – the relationship­ between monumental architectural structures and their sites. The subjects of the studies were the inspirations inherent in nature – the site for the environment created by man.

In 1974 he organized, together with the students of the Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Wrocław, expedition Orient 74 to the Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon, Syria) during which, he painted a cycle of 30 watercolors.

Ryszard Jędrak’s impressive collection of paintings was presented at exhibitions held in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław and in the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw as well as in albums documenting the Professor’s artistic impressions from his numerous travels in Poland and abroad.

One must look at Art through one's own eyes, not through the eyes of others.
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Wydawnictwo: Zarząd Oddziału Wrocławskiego SARP, PW 1997

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