Ryszard Jędrak

In his reflections on Art… he wrote: Art has the duty to cherish illusions, which make life easier, … and further on: There are only two sorts of illusions: one – that everything makes sense, the other – that nothing makes sense. Those who hold the latter view are inconsistent or deceitful. In another passage, he wrote: One must look at Art through one’s own eyes, not through the eyes of others.

He took part in several architectural competitions organized by SARP (Association of Polish Architects), winning prizes and honors. Prior to each project, he engaged in wide-ranging studies of seemingly unrelated problems but stemming from the essence of philosophy.


Aphorisms by Ryszard Jędrak.

I could not wish any harm on some people because I respect humans, on others because I respect animals.

A doctor’s error will kill you instantly; an architect’s will kill you slowly.

A scientist is someone who must see an open umbrella to conclude that it’s raining.

It’s easy to be a simpleton, difficult to be simple.

The only destination is the journey.

I wonder why people who have nothing to say in their native language study that of others.

A unique pleasure of having children is that giving feels like receiving. Among human relationships, it is the purest form of giving.

He was a leader, chairman, director, chief expert, prime minister, but he could never be himself.

If I were a king, for the convenience of my subjects, I would rule that all stairways leading up be destroyed and only stairways leading down be left.

It is necessary to lose a great deal of strength to become a strong man.

For me, the bonds of intellect are stronger than the bonds of blood.

In all creative disciplines, the subject is only the pretext. Art, whether or not present, is in the artist.

I am fascinated by solving the mystery of the blank canvas.

It is undesirable when thoughts are not accompanied by actions, but it is inadmissible when actions are not accompanied by thoughts.

Learn how to enjoy being alone or else you are condemned to have a wife.

One can afford to be silent only when he has a lot to say.

I am terrified when I see a diligent idiot. He would be a lesser liability to society if he were lazy.

I wonder if life would be as interesting if we never died.

The most elegant way to avoid an assessment of true merit is to praise the form.

You will lose nothing if you own nothing.

The prerequisite to freedom is the courage to have no fear.

A scientist is someone who must see an open umbrella to conclude that it's raining.
Tadeusz Lechicki   |   Architekt

Wydawnictwo: Zarząd Oddziału Wrocławskiego SARP, PW 1997

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